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BBC Nurse Ministry

Purpose: Nurse ministry acts as an assistant to the needs of the congregation. We are available to promote wellness as in giving basic first aid when needed. Examples being Tylenol for headaches, cough drops for coughing and bandages for cuts or bruises. We will get water, tissue, and apply cool compress for relief of overheating or exhaustion. Our goal is to assist for minor causes of instability. We do have the ability to access for conditions out of control and will call for back up when needed.


Impact: I believe having our presence is significant to know the congregation knows they can have an eye on their health care needs and/or acute conditions that call for attention. We are willing to address these issues as they relate to the individual if it be blood pressure issues, diabetes, or pain related problems. We try to bring awareness to health as it relates to the community thus the congregation. We alert the congregation on the different events to attend to maintain their health and wellness.


Call: Calls should always be to the Church if there is a concern.


Upcoming Events: We just had a CPR class so that we are all CPR certified. No other events scheduled


We meet quarterly by conference call on Fridays unless there is a need for Special Meetings


Respectfully submitted

Ministry Leader: Jacqueline Blake, RN

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